Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Blue Jays 5, Orioles 2 (F/11): My Cat Peed On My Modem So I Am Using Data And Typing On My Phone And Will Therefore Be Brief

This is super dark to even think about now but remember when Edwin Encarnacion was well and truly E5? It had been going on for a while already by the time I heard Keith Law and Eric Karabell (I refuse to check spelling in my present circumstance) talk about it on the old Baseball Today podcast (of which I was fond!). "Do you . . . do you know what they're calling him? Encarnacion? Blue Jays fans? At places like Drunk Jays Fans [editor's note: r.i.p.]? They're calling him 'E5.'" And Eric Karabell was like "That's . . . just brutal." And it was! But we all did it, because of both the unabidableness of the situation and our own manifest unkindness. It had gone way past the point where one could even fault Encarnacion for sailing it into the fucking stands every other game: I was, and remain, confident that he wanted that to happen even less than I wanted that to happen. But they kept running him out there, man.  I don't know, but also definitely do know, that the throw to first tormented his every waking moment and plus haunted his dreams.

But he has long since been freed of that tyranny and we are all the richer for it, and so good.

Why not go, Jays?

Your pal,


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