Sunday, December 30, 2012

Here is the fucked up thing about the Blue Jays trading for R. A. Dickey and becoming betting favourites to win the World Series

yeah that's right a split card in a Topps Total set that is how Pete Walker does it
So, obviously none of this is remotely new or anything, but the Blue Jays trade some apparently totally solid/elite prospects -- never mind that one of them is a catcher who has had back and knee trouble before playing an MLB game, but whatever, I really don't know anything about prospects -- and come away with NL Cy Young-winner R. A. Dickey, and the thing that probably made me happiest from this whole insane off-season is that the Blue Jays decided to promote Pete Walker from bullpen coach to pitching coach. Why would I care about that in the least? Why would anybody, except for Pete Walker and his immediate family? I honestly have no idea, but it gave me a totally good feeling. Maybe it is because his signature enriches my 2003 score-keeping book? Or maybe it is appealing because despite the promise of the 2013 season, Pete Walker represents a tangible link to the true rock-bottom shittiness of my most intimate years with the Blue Jays, in the stands for hundreds of games of just the worst, awfulest shit you can imagine. Also: I see you John Gibbons. I see you bro.